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Mekong Delta 2 Days Tour This two day tour offers you a striking opportunity to capture an essence of Mekong Delta: its They had just announced they were looking for their second batch of startups to fund. But in , I had never heard of the guy. But he had all these essays and a book, Hackers and Painters , that immediately grabbed me.

His writing convinced me to quit my job, travel across the country to live with two other guys I barely knew, leave my wife for three months, take a massive pay cut, all to start this company. It took awhile for me to get my own confidence and discipline with the craft, but writing is now the most valuable tool I have. Before my first stint in Y Combinator in , I had tried to start other businesses.

I had an idea for database administration software for mobile devices that was novel at the time. And even though I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours working on it, I never launched anything.


It remained a folder on my computer that no one else ever got to see. It was painfully slow and broken. I had to restart our servers at least once a day to keep it running. It also meant, we had something concrete to start showing people. I remember sitting in a cafe with a guy named Marc Hedlund demo-ing Inkling. He complained about its speed. I was actively restarting our servers as we began our demo. But that demo still showed Marc something that no one else could do. Most people talk about launching early and lean development.

Give yourself 24 hours or one week.

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Launch already. There are endless distractions after you start a business. Just one caveat—take care of yourself.

Make stuff. Talk to users. But above all: eat well, sleep, and exercise. Once as we were building Inkling we had a pilot deal running for one of the biggest software companies in the world—a household name.

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  • But, in order to upgrade the deal with them to a more significant commitment, we had to go through an intense process. We easily passed their needs for single sign on. We got through one rigorous security audit after the next. Now this is maybe just an unthinking review, but what it does illustrate is how there remains a sizeable part of the art world that simply does not get photography.

    Paul Graham (programmer)

    So what is the issue? In each case the handiwork of the artist is readily apparent: something was synthesized, staged, constructed or performed. The dealer can explain this to the client, the curator to the public, the art writer to their readers, etc. Or for that matter what Stephen Shore created with his deadpan image of a crossroads in El Paso? Perhaps so, but as with the great Don — Cervantes that is — it is to make a point, earnestly, yet with good humor.

    A Conversation with Paul Graham - Moderated by Geoff Ralston

    For the great exhibitions at the Met, the Whitney, the Guggenheim, and of course MoMA itself; for the books, the catalogues, the enlightened essays: I thank you. It means their work will almost never be considered for major exhibitions like Documenta, or placed alongside other artists in a Biennale, or found for sale in high level contemporary galleries and art fairs.

    This does not just deprive the public of the work, and the work of its place, it denies these artists the self-confidence that enables them to grow, to feel appreciation and affirmation, not to mention some modest financial reward allowing them to continue to work. It is also, most importantly, seeing the world of visual art in narrow terms. It is seeing the apple as unreasonable. So, what is it we are discussing here - how do we describe the nature of this photographic creativity? They struggle through photography to define these moments and bring them forward in time to us, to the here and now, so that with the clarity of hindsight, we may glimpse something of what it was they perceived. Perhaps here we have stumbled upon a partial, but nonetheless astonishing description of the creative act at the heart of serious photography: nothing less than the measuring and folding of the cloth of time itself.

    We all do that. How hard is that? It's the view of this pen in my hand as I write this, it's an image of you reading now. Drift your consciousness up and out of this text and see: it's right there, across the room - there But another one has arrived, instantly.