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Gwen Harwood Poems

A poem written by Gwen Harwood has a definite and clear picture of change and changing self this poem is called Father and child. Another poem that has emphasis on change and changing self also by Gwen Harwood is called At Mornington; this poem begins from youth to middle aged through to death.

Often in Gwen Harwood's poems, women are portrayed as victims of the social circumstances of the s.

"In The Park" by Gwen Harwood Interpretive Video

Through both these poems Gwen Harwood challenges the construction of gender that the society of the s made women and men conform to. The introduction of Eisenbarts mistress fits with that of Harwood's thoughts on the females" "conformist behaviour.

Women did not have any form of power or voice but Harwood through her poems Gwen Harwood's distinct themes on gender construction in society and identity can be seen in her two poems, "The Carnival of Venice" and "Long after Heine" The use of typography in "Long after Heine" reflects Harwood's opinion of how society constructs and restrains women. Harwood believes that in becoming a mother, you often "lose all singularity.

In the Park Analysis

The construction of gender roles and the loss of identity are issues that are often addressed by Gwen Harwood. The structure of both poems also allows Harwood to criticise society's construction a Gwen Harwood"'"s collection of poems was now sitting in my hand, and after five minutes of staring blankly at the book I opened it and flicked through the pages. I speculated that changing the self probably also requires a strong ego! In Harwood"'"s pair of poems entitled '"'Father and Child'"', she explores the changing relationship between a father and child; the self growing up and growing old.

Gwen Harwood's poem "In the Park" is another text that shows us that change is confronting and resisted, but is finally accepted and with this one can grow.

Father child gwen harwood essay

Another of Gwen Harwood's poems, "The Glass Jar", also shows the confrontation, resistance and acceptance of change. The texts I have covered this year "The picture Of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde, "Prize Giving" and "The Glass Jar" by Gwen Harwood and "The Door" by Miroslav Holub all have circumstances which have influenced self change, some positive experiences causing negative change and some negative experiences causing positive change.

Circumstances can influence positive change for many, this is especially true for the protagonist Professor Eisenbart in the poem "Prize Giving" the circumstance is the girl shooting the owl, in the Oscar Wilde text "The Picture Of Dorian Gray" it is where Basil Ha Type a new keyword s and press Enter to search. Gwen Harwood - Alter Ego; At the waters edge.

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