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This can feel overwhelming in a hurry, so let's break it down. Follow these five steps to make your next case study a reality:. If you've been in business for a while, you have no shortage of happy customers. Which one should you feature in your new case study?

What to Include in a Marketing Case Study Template

With limited time and resources, you can't choose everyone. Start by considering the case study's place in your overall marketing strategy. In most situations, you'll use case studies to help win over prospects who are close to making a buying decision. So let's start there.

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Think about the people you are trying to convince to become your customers. Ask yourself:. Take some time beforehand to flesh out your target buyer personas. Many B2B companies already have these in mind. If you are a marketing service provider, such as a branding agency , you may want to consider asking customers to participate who show off the types of marketing you can execute, such as experiential marketing and omnichannel marketing.

Typically it's the marketing team responsible for creating content. But having marketing handle case studies on their own is a mistake. Bring in the sales team as well. Their insights from countless conversations with prospects are invaluable — who knows better what your customers want to hear than the people who speak to them every day?.

The ideal situation: have sales and marketing work together to create the most accurate buyer persona possible. Once you know exactly who you're targeting, go through your stable of happy customers to find a buyer representative of the audience you're trying to reach. The closer their problems, goals, and industries align, the more your case study will resonate. What if you have more than one buyer persona? No problem.

9 Questions To Ask When Reading A Digital Marketing Case Study - Marketing Land

This is a common situation for B2B companies because buyers comprise an entire committee of people. You might be marketing to procurement experts, executives, engineers, and a whole lot more. Try to develop a case study tailored to each key persona. This might be a long-term goal, and that's fine.

The better you can personalize the experience for each stakeholder, the easier it is to keep their attention. Some B2B companies have a regular case study production calendar. It takes time and employee resources to execute, but it might make sense for you because it produces a consistent output. There are also specific situations where it makes sense to write a new case study. Here are some of the most common examples:. If someone reaches out all on their own, they're showing a willingness to help out. Thank them for their feedback and try to set up something more formal: a case study interview.

B2B products tend to be expensive, complex, and require a long-term investment. That makes them all the more challenging to sell when they're new. Having an early adopter advocate for something new will help squash concerns from other prospects. As B2B businesses expand into different geographic areas, case studies can help pave the way.

This is a great way to show your target audience in the new area that you're capable of satisfying their regulations, customer expectations, and any other concerns.

9 Case Study Questions to Ask Your Best Customers

Such a case study will also feature a company that likely is familiar to others in the area. Case studies can help skeptical prospects overcome last-minute objections and finally decide to buy. If the sales team is noticing a lot of people getting this close to buying, only to back out at the last second, empower them with more case studies.

Within them, you have the opportunity to address the objections prospects have before they become a deal-breaker — and prove you can deliver what you claim. Some customers might have a case study written into their contract. This guarantees that they'll be available when you call on them. Then it just becomes a matter of coordinating schedules and getting the information you need. However you decide to handle the case study process, the important thing here is effective communication. Talk transparently and consistently as you develop a strategy to choose case study subjects, gather information, and present in a compelling way.

Unless a happy customer reaches out to you directly, you'll have to decide which ones to approach about becoming case study subjects.

The Secret Behind Coca-Cola Marketing Strategy

Limited time and resources force you to be selective. Here are a few major considerations to think about before making your decision:. These items are just a jumping-off point as you develop your own criteria. Once you have a list, run each customer through it to determine your top targets. There's no one set way to ask customers to participate in case studies. Some companies stick to email. Others prefer picking up the phone or even discussing it in person.

The better prepared you are, the smoother the process will go. Ask as little as possible of them you can. It might help to sketch out the interactions all the way from initial request to customer approval of the completed case study.

9 Case Study Questions to Ask Your Best Customers

Once you identify the key interactions, you can get organized and develop a system to make them run smoothly. Second, remember to emphasize how the customer will benefit from participating. Talk about the publicity they'll get, whether it's potential revenue-boosting opportunities or just recognition for a successful project. Because you'll probably have different people on your team requesting case studies, you could create a script that incorporates these principles.

This standardizes the process so you know exactly what to say. You can also track performance — and experiment with different appeals.

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Once you find a customer willing to participate in your case study, it's time to set up an interview. This interview will give you the specific information you need to write the most engaging case study possible. Here's everything you need to know to handle it well:. Case study interviews are kind of like exams in school. The more prepared you are going into them, the better they turn out. Preparing thoroughly also shows participants that you value their time.

You don't waste precious minutes rehashing things you should have already known. You focus on getting the information you need as efficiently as possible. That starts by getting as much information on the customer as you can. Which products or services are they using? How long have they been a customer? What did their interactions with your company look like before they decided to buy?

Run this by the relevant account manager to get all the details. Memories fade, though, especially if they've been a customer for a long time. Confirm everything with your historical records as well just to be sure. Once you've gathered preliminary info on your case study subject, shift your focus to your target audience. Consider what makes them hesitant to buy. Which pieces of information do they absolutely need to know? If you're targeting prospects with a more technical focus engineers, IT experts, etc. Pinpointing these major considerations now makes all the difference.

We can't afford to assume that case study participants will volunteer this information on their own. Asking the right questions draws out the all-important answers, which brings us to the next section. Before you interview your case study participant, figure out which questions you'll need to ask. Going into an interview with a list will keep you focused. Where do you start? Let the research you've done be your guide.

You already understand the history between your business and the case study participant. No need to ask about it. You also know what's important to the audience you're trying to target, so you can craft interview questions to draw out that information. Remember: you'll be structuring your case studies like a story. That means you need a beginning, middle, and an end. Think of your case study structure like this:.

Delve into the customer's challenge that led them to ultimately do business with you.

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