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Badshahi Mosque had fallen into disrepair after the city's Sikh rulers desecrated the site. The mosque is heavily used during the Islamic month of Ramadan.

The mosque's interior is embellished with Mughal frescoes and carved marble. Badshahi Mosque facts for kids Kids Encyclopedia Facts. The mosque features intricate Mughal frescoes. The interior of the mosque is embellished with intricate floral motifs. All content from Kiddle encyclopedia articles including the article images and facts can be freely used under Attribution-ShareAlike license, unless stated otherwise.

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The 5,square-meter prayer hall is an eight-sided, concrete structure, inspired by the traditional tents of Bedouins, with a capacity for , worshippers. For its design, architect Arif Masood drew inspiration from the figure of a blossoming flower to represent the four provinces and three territories into which Pakistan is subdivided. The sanctum can be entered on any of the four entrances, one on every wall, and each situated under an eye-catching Moorish arch. On 23 March , the All-India Muslim League passed a resolution that represented the decisive step towards the foundation of Pakistan.

Twenty years later, on the site in Lahore where that historical event had taken place, construction work began on a commemorative monument, the Minar-e-Pakistan, which was completed eight years later. The Minar-e-Pakistan is a meter-high minaret rich in symbols standing for the history of Pakistan.

The Minarets of the Mosque:

The tower is laid on an elevated base, in the shape of a five-pointed star, which comprises of four platforms. The stones used to build each platform are progressively more refined from the bottom up ranging from uncut stones to polished white marble , to signify the difficult developments but final success of the Pakistan Movement for independence. The Walled City of Lahore or Old Lahore is a historical and chaotic section of the Pakistani city which used to be protected by walls, and entered through 13 gates.

Today, the walls are gone but most of the gates have remained.

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The magnificent mosque, with four minarets of about 33 meters each and five turnip-shaped domes, is built entirely with small bricks and was named after the governor who ordered its construction in One of the most beautiful mosques in Pakistan, it is best known for its incredible mosaics made from myriads of brightly colored glazed tiles. These are found all over the external and internal walls, and are so meticulous and rich in details that they make Wazir Khan a stunning piece of art, in addition to a religious site.

This mosque is also famous for having been the first to include a shop bazaar in its original planning, still today a unique feature among mosques worldwide.

Found in the middle of nowhere, miles into the Cholistan Desert , the awe-inspiring Derawar Fort, built in , dominates the landscape, and is characterized by a unique ensemble of 40 massive, largely intact bastions set all along the four walls. The ramparts rise about 30 meters above the ground, and the fort has an impressive circumference of 1. When a beloved pet dies, what people usually do to keep its memory alive is preserve pictures and maybe a few objects to remember it by.

Badshahi Mosque

The Hiran Minar Deer Tower is situated in the Pakistani city of Sheikhupura, which briefly enjoyed the status of a popular hunting ground in the early s. One day, during a hunting session, Jahangir spotted a deer he wanted to kill, but mistakingly hit his favorite hunting deer, Mansraji, instead.

Feeling guilty, the Emperor ordered the construction of the minaret. Almost thirty years later, the mausoleum was enriched with an adjoining, large water tank; in the middle of the tank lies a picturesque octagonal pavilion, connected to the mainland through an elevated walkway. A rare celebration of the love of man for animals, the Hiran Minar is an attractive sight that certainly deserves to be seen.

Hiran Minar, Sheikhupura, Pakistan.