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Here are a few topic suggestions to help you get started: Why do anti-abortion groups consider the procedure to be a form of murder?

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Do you agree with this view in any way? What evidence can you provide to support your opinion on this matter? Do you believe abortion is cruel to all those who are involved? Focus on both the unborn fetus and the pregnant woman? Are there specific factors that determine your decision in all cases? Give reasons for or against government funding of Planned Parenthood clinics?

Persuasive Essay: Pro-Choice Abortion | b3ccadee

Do you think government funding, which comes from taxpayers, should be used to fund clinics? Is this matter for private funding through donations or grants? Should these rights apply to women of certain age or women in who make decisions based on certain conditions? Do you believe the government should intervene in decisions related to abortion?

What are your concerns, if any, about abortion?

Can you provide evidence that supports your personal views on the topic? Though there exist chemical preparations that allow the stopping of pregnancy without surgery, they are as dangerous as physical intervention. According to recent research, abortions cause a significant risk of ectopic pregnancy, not to mention other diseases, such as breast cancer and infertility. There has been a threefold increase in ectopic pregnancies in the U.


Abortion Persuasive Essay - against

In , the incidence was 4. By , it was Another argument is that a woman who has decided to get rid of the embryo is about to kill herself as well. Though an abortion may seem to be an option for underage mothers, or victims of rape, etching the baby does not free a woman, or calm her down. Among other problems are alcohol and drug abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual dysfunction, and many other issues.

Argumentative Essay Against Abortion

Though abortions are often seen as an option for women who, due to various circumstances, do not want to give birth to a baby, it is perhaps the worst choice. No matter how a child looks like in a womb, no matter how underdeveloped its consciousness and nervous system is, it is still a human being that has a right to live. Besides, abortions cause severe physiological and psychological damage to canceled mothers, such as ectopic pregnancy, terminal diseases, depression and suicidal behavior, alcohol and drug abuse. Saunders, William L.

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A Bioethical Argument Against Abortion

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